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In 2010, we found ourselves having a discussion with the Lead Designer of Minority Report’s interactive scenes and sequences. Dale Herigstad presented his user experience principles and vision of human machine interface. After speaking with him, our CTO Alonso mentioned that a new kind of sensor and camera existed that allowed a 3D representation of the world, and that with this kind of device and some development on computer vision, he could create something in this direction. He had been working and reading about this 3D sensing technology since his PhD in 2007. A few days after our conversation with Dale, we realized we were on to something. We quit our jobs and started our company.

At first, we dedicated our work on creating computer vision software based on 3D sensors, we worked for many different applications from retail to security and healthcare. We received a lot of customer feedback and learned so much from our users. We saw people from military to kids playing with gesture recognition in their own environments. Slowly and gradually, we refined our technology to provide an easy way to create virtual controls and context aware controls for whatever we needed.

We fundamentally believe that technology can improve our lives and make it more fun. Through the growth of spatial imaging, virtual reality, and connected home platforms, we believe there is an opportunity to activate this belief with our first product: Hayo. Hayo is not just an augmented reality device for the connected home, but also a device that empowers people to create amazing shared experiences that improves our lives only limited by our imaginations. Create magician heroes!

We are excited to welcome you all to our Hayo community.

Gisele Belliot, CEO + Co-Founder at Hayo