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Hayo Application Documentation

Getting started

This documentation will guide you through your Hayo’s setup process.

Account creation

First things first, you need an account to use Hayo. It will be used to save your Hayo’s configurations and your settings. Please provide a valid Email address, it will only be used to login and to recover your password.

Log in

If you already have an account just click on the Log In link at the bottom of the account creation page and use your Email and password to log in. If you forgot your password use the Forgot your password? link at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions. An email with a new temporary password will then be sent to you.

First time

You just created an account, now you need to setup your Hayo and discover how to use it. We will guide you by mean of short tutorials, it won’t take long.


Connect your Hayo to the power supply. The application will search for your Hayo and ask for your home WiFi information. Hayo is a connected device and needs to be connected to your home WiFi in order to control your other devices. It also needs access to the Internet to save your configuration with your account. The WiFi setup is done via Bluetooth so you will need to let the application access your phone’s Bluetooth when it asks for it. On Android, the Bluetooth search also requires the location service to be enabled. At the end of the configuration process, when your Hayo is connected, you can turn off the Bluetooth and location if you want, they won’t be needed anymore.


To make sure we are setting up your Hayo and not your neighbors we need to identify it with its serial number. You can scan the QR code located under your Hayo or you can type it in.


Select where your Hayo is going to reside so we can name it accordingly.


Select your home WiFi and enter its password, this information will be sent to your Hayo via Bluetooth. If the connection fails straight away try to get closer to your Hayo to have a better Bluetooth connection. The connection process can take one or two minutes. If it fails after that make sure you entered your WiFi password correctly.


Now a short tutorial will show you how to use the controls to place a virtual button. Follow the steps and place your first virtual button at an accessible location, for example against a wall as if it were a light switch. What you see is what we call the viewer. Here you can see a 3D representation of your room as seen by the sensor in your Hayo. You can turn the point of view in this virtual scene by drag and drop. The green sphere you see is your virtual button, and you can move it with the controls (left joystick to move forward, backward, left and right, and right joystick to move up and down). After validating with the button OK you will be asked to try your virtual button, just place your hand in the area where you positioned it. The tutorial should get validated and the notification tone of your phone should be played. The virtual button created in the tutorial is automatically configured to trigger your phone’s notification tone, you will be able to change this action later on.


This is the dashboard, it is the main page of the application, where you can check the status of your Hayos and buttons and access all the functionalities. The big 24 hours clock shows your button activity over the course of the day. Refer to the indications in red on the image for a description of the user interface.

Hayo status:
Hayo is enabled and working properly
Hayo is disabled, click to enable
Hayo needs an update or is updating, click to check the status of the update
Hayo is off, disconnected, or not connected to the same WiFi network
Hayo is lost, click to scan the room
Hayo is repositioning, please wait

Alarm status:
The alarm mode is on, click to turn off
The alarm mode is off, click to turn on


This is the viewer, here you can see a 3D representation of your room as seen by the sensor in your Hayo. You can turn the point of view in this virtual scene by drag and drop. The green sphere you see is your virtual button, the one created during the tutorial.

Add a new virtual button
Resets the point of view

You can also edit a virtual button by doing a long press on it.

New virtual button

To add a new virtual button click on the button + in the viewer. First, select the type of button to add, it can be a simple button, a slider or a barrier, see below for more information. Then place your button where you wish like you learned in the tutorial. You can rename your button by clicking on its name in the left part of the top menu. Now you have to select an action that will be triggered by the virtual button. To do so click on Choose an action in the middle part on the top menu. Select a device from the list of connected devices controllable by Hayo and visible on your network, then select the action to do on this device. You can add multiple actions per virtual button. You can then validate the action with the button OK. When you are satisfied with your virtual button don’t forget to validate with the button OK.

Virtual buttons:

  • Button: A on/off switch in the shape of a sphere. Trigger simple actions like play, pause, turn on/off etc.
  • Slider: A dimmer switch in the shape of a cylinder. Trigger actions with the position of your hand in the cylinder as a parameter, it can be used to progressively control the brightness of a lamp, the volume of a speaker etc.
  • Barrier: A passage detector in the shape of a plane. Trigger simple actions when someone passes through the barrier.

Hayo settings

You can access this section by clicking on the top right button in the dashboard. The button ADD allows adding a new Hayo. Select your Hayo to access its settings. From here, you can access the viewer, edit the WiFi configuration, change the placement (the displayed name of your Hayo), or delete this Hayo. Deleting a Hayo will remove it from your account and erase your configurations, you can then add it again later to your account or another account. If you want to offer a Hayo you had configured before, do not forget to delete it from your account while it is turned on to be sure that all your configuration parameters (Hayo’s name, Boxel positions and WiFi information) are erased.


Alarm mode

The alarm mode is a special mode that turns Hayo into a motion sensor. Use the alarm icon in the dashboard to turn it on/off. You can also long press the button located on top of your Hayo. When the alarm is turned on Hayo will beep repeatedly for a few seconds, it is the learning phase, during this phase you should not pass in front of Hayo. Once the learning is done Hayo will stop beeping. From this point, anything moving in Hayo’s field of view will trigger the alarm. When the alarm is triggered Hayo will beep continuously and will send you a picture of what it sees by email. To turn it off, long press the button on top of your Hayo or the button on the dashboard. When the alarm mode is on all the virtual buttons are disabled.