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Just like Apple, Airbnb, Square and Fitbit, design is a big part of Hayo’s DNA. It’s impossible to ignore all the amazing things these companies have accomplished because they put design first. So, what is design and why startups should care about it?

According to Wells Riley, The Head of Product and Design at Envoy, ‘The simplest definition. Design is a method of problem solving. Design is so many things, executed in many different ways, but the function is always the same. Whether it’s blueprints, a clever UI, a brochure, or a chair – design can help solve a visual or physical problem.”

Most startups care about design because it is becoming the main differentiator for companies to acquire loyal users, press coverage, and funding. A good design attracts the right customers who not only enjoy looking at your website, product or an app but also love using it. Simply, because it inspires them and makes them feel good.

At Hayo, our design principles are the insight-based guardrails that ensure a consistent and meaningful user experience. Here are 5 design principles that serve as guides to bring that offer to life in customer-centered ways.

  1. Make the experience simple and simplifying: The virtual remote controls have to make life easier, not harder. Make setting up Hayo as simple as possible. When things go wrong, make troubleshooting even simpler.
  2. Put function above all else: Start with a foundation of functional controls that just work. Provide recommendations for how others use core functionality across the same platforms to anchor engagement.
  3. Show that you know a user’s unique context: When a user enters the kitchen, they probably want the lights to turn on so they can cook. Understand the environments in which people live, what they want to do in them, and the parameters of platforms that Hayo can control with AI to optimally support user needs.
  4. Inspire and share new control combinations: By collaborating with the community of tech-savvy early adopters (through the open API), inspire new ways that Hayo can unlock and foster creativity for all users across contexts.
  5. Create magician heroes: With the Jedi-like superpowers of the product, support moments in which Hayo can empower users to amaze their kids, impress their neighbors, and win the dinner party.

While we have 5 design principles, we put function and simplicity before everything else. So far, it has served us really well. Our community loves our design, not just the way Hayo looks but also how it functions. It’s easy to set-up Hayo. It’s also easy to play with Hayo. It’s simple because it lets you use your hands to get creative. It’s inspirational because it lets you come up with controls we haven’t even thought about. Above all, it’s solving a connected home problem through AR and AI technology.

PS: A huge thank you to Runyon, an amazing design, and innovation firm in Brooklyn for helping us put our design principles together.