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Many of you were interested by the topic of our last post: “What is a Smart Home?“. Today, we offer you a journey to the future and the smart house of tomorrow as imagined by the Hayo team…

Gartner predicts that by 2020, the Internet of Things will grow to 26 billion units and the component costs will have declined to the point that connectivity will become a common feature. So what does that mean?

A connected world

By 2020, we will be able to connect almost all devices together to offer remote control and monitoring.

Picture your future typical day. In the morning, as soon as you wake up, the coffee machine starts pouring coffee in your cup. Once you are in the kitchen, a news and weather report plays automatically.

When you are coming home from work, you unlock the door with your smartphone. Once you are inside, your favorite song starts playing and the lights come on.

At night, as soon as you sit down on your couch, the TV turns on. When you start a movie, the lights of the room turn off.


Let’s take the kitchen for example. With Hayo, you will be able to start and stop your oven from your couch or play, stop and even change the music with wet hands.

This applies to all rooms in your house because electronic devices will mean connected devices. For instance, you will be able to turn the lights on and off from your bed or play music from your bathtub.

No more interruptions while you are watching a movie, playing with your children or working. It will be easier, more comfortable and more convenient.

Energy consumption

Today, you can already save energy with Hayo.

By 2020, owners will have more connected devices in their homes and we will use Artificial Intelligence to automate actions. The Artificial Intelligence will have far greater scope and therefore way more opportunities to learn. Thus, some connected devices will learn how to save as much energy as they can.


Take a moment and imagine what we could do with a smart and personal system. A smart system could learn who lives in your house and even if you have a pet. Therefore, if someone breaks into your house, it will be able to identify that this person is a thief and will alert you with a video.

We could also imagine that every smart house will be connected to the Smart City. Therefore, as soon as a fire starts, the fire department will be notified with the information they need or if someone tries to break into your house, the police department will be alerted with video footage.

The future Smart House will be more intelligent, more comfortable and more convenient. But we also want to hear your predictions. How the future Smart House will look like for you?