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If you remember, we mentioned Context Awareness in our blog post “What is a Smart Home?” (you didn’t read it? Don’t worry, it is still available here).

Context Awareness is where a system gathers information from its environment, at any given time, and adapts its behavior accordingly. In other words, Context Awareness is a more precise word for what we do than Artificial Intelligence.

Practical Case: Home Heating

You may be wondering what are the benefits of a connected heater that is capable of gathering information and adapting its behavior to yours.

One benefit is that your house will save more energy. Your connected heater will learn what temperature you like during the day and at night. Moreover, it will be able to tell if someone is at home and can start and stop accordingly. Your house will save even more energy.

Another benefit is that the connected heater will adapt to your lifestyle. You won’t have to constantly adjust the temperature because your connected devices will gather information and adapt the temperature accordingly. How great would to get home from work to a cozy, warm house?

Hayo centralizes all your connected devices and is capable of gathering information and adapting the behavior of all your devices in order to offer you a personalized experience at home.
A friend told us when we started Hayo:

I’m big on having multiple sources of lighting – task lighting, mood lighting.
It would be cool if a system could just adjust the lighting based on where I was and what I was doing.

– David

It matters to users: knowing the time of day, where I am, and what available functions might help us all make for a better experience.

In conclusion, like AI, Context Awareness is only just beginning. Companies are developing new algorithms every day to enable your connected devices to help meet your moment-to-moment needs.