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Hayo, unlike any other connected home device, is very different. Imagine, just touching an object or even thin air to turn on your tv, music or lights. How magical is that? You have seen this before in movies such as Star Wars with Yoda or Minority Report with Tom Cruise. They are moving people and objects with their minds and hands. Now you can finally let that kind of magic take over your home. At Hayo, we are introducing a new kind of Augmented Reality that has never been done before. This is how we are different:

  1. AR that connects the magical and the functional: Unlike most AR integrations, Hayo removes the screens from smart home use and transforms the objects and spaces around you into a set of virtual remote controls.  Hayo empowers you to create experiences that have previously been limited by the technology but now are only limited by your imagination.
  1. Screenless IoT: The best interface is no interface at all. Aside from the one-time setup, Hayo does not use any screens. Your real-life surfaces become the interface and you, the user, become the controls. Virtual remote controls can be placed wherever you want for whatever you need by simply using your Hayo device to take a 3D scan of your space.
  1. Smarter AR experience: Hayo anticipates your unique context, passive motion, and gestures to create useful and more unique controls for the connected home. The Hayo system learns your behaviors and uses its AI to help meet your needs.

Our team prides itself on creating something you can share with your family and friends. Hayo is not like other devices that stand-alone by themselves. When your friends and family members visit you, they can use Hayo without using a phone. With Hayo, life at home can now be a little bit more playful, simple and easy.

AR that connects the magical and functional, Screenless IoT and smarter AR experience are three ways how Hayo is different and unique. Functionality is at the core of our design principles. You can read more about our design principles here.